A Passion For People

TMI was born out of Dr. Brian T. Long's desire to help others transform their lives and realize the potential for miracles.

Dr. Long’s own journey to transformation elevated him from the courtroom to a successful career as a mentor, motivational speaker, and author. His desire to help individuals is the inspiration for Transformation Ministries International (TMI). Dr. Long is the Bishop and Presiding Prelate of Transformation Ministries International (TMI) and a dedicated father with a passion for community outreach.

So why is the word transformation so important in the TMI name?

Because Brian’s own journey to transformation is so amazing! Brian grew up in the streets of New York City and joined a gang at the age of nine. His dad was not in the picture and despite the fact that his mother was a preacher, he did not believe in God. It was not until Brian was facing 35 years in prison for five counts of armed robbery that his true transformation began.

The night before his sentencing Brian cried out to God, and a miracle happened.

Instead of being sentenced to 35 years, the judge sentenced him to less than 4 years. At that moment, he pledged his life to helping others. Brian knew that in order to help others he must first help himself and so he immersed himself into lifelong learning and service. He received his GED while still in prison. Once released, he obtained an Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Mental Health Counseling.

Brian continues to educate himself and develop ways to serve his community.

At age 34, Brian received an honorary Doctorate from in Christian Leadership from Metropolitan Christian University. He is currently completing a Doctorate in Human Services with a focus on Criminal Justice. He has used his education to work tirelessly as a Gang Intervention Specialist, Youth Incentive Program Coordinator, Former Offender Program Coordinator, and is currently the first convicted felon to work as a Regional Former Offender Specialist for the State of North Carolina. In Iredell County, he became the first convicted felon to serve as a Certified Mediator in the North Carolina District Court system. Brian also formed M.A.D. Expressions, an organization dedicated to mentoring at-risk youth and through involvement in artistic expression.

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Brian dedicates his time to motivating and empowering others. His work is so special because he has made lemonade out of the lemons that have occurred in his life. His personal story encourages others that they too can succeed despite the many obstacles they might face. As he educated himself and worked in Human Services, the road was not easy as a former offender. He struggled to find work, has been homeless, and lived in his car, and even attempted suicide twice. Brian relates to hurting people and is completely transparent with those he serves.

Today, Brian serves his community through mentorship, advocacy, motivational speaking, and self-less dedication to those who need. Brian's message is to stay focused, trust in God, don’t make excuses for failure, but take the necessary steps to be successful.