Playgirls & Playboys Motorcycle Club

Cheresse Martin-Davenport


Riding with those who need help...


Playgirls & Playboys MC was established in 2001 on August 21st, when I found out my daughter, Latisha was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Already going to Duke Hospital for her Sickle Cell Disease, this was a lot for me to take in. As Sickle Cell Clients my daughter and son would attend the Christmas Party for ages 0 – 12 years of age, my oldest could attend but not receive any gifts.

I decided to take matters in my own hands and start a Motorcycle Club, “Playgirls & Playboys, MC”, which is a non-profit organization that has a 501-C. to help support Piedmont Health Services & Sickle Cell Agency (PHSSCA) and other charitable organizations; such as Make A Wish, Food Banks, and the Homeless. This agency has supported my family in numerous ways. They have been there for me and have helped me cope with being a parent of two children with sickle cell disease.

We go above and beyond for the committee and now we have a Pet Foundation in honor of my daughter, Latisha Alston that I lost a year ago, to Colon Cancer from her Crohn’s. This has even pushed me more to keep doing the things that I do for the community. Our focus is to help those that are in need of help in numerous ways, from feeding the homeless, providing meals for Thanksgiving, providing gifts for Christmas, and Ministering and Guiding people in the right direction. We have been established for 17 years and as long as I’m able, Playgirls & Playboys will stand as a Unity for the Community.

Mission Statement

The Playgirls & Playboys Motor Cycle Club is an organized Motor Cycle Club which helps support The Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency (PHSSCA) and other community organizations. Our mission is to help raise awareness of the negative impact of Sickle Cell Disease and the kids affected by this disease and other related conditions. Our club helps develop and promote donations as well as volunteer our services and assist the local chapter when needed.

Cheresse Martin-Davenport
President of Playgirls & Playboys MC

To reach out to PGPBMC, call Cheresse @ (336-997-3568)