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Sylvia L .Brown





My name is Sylvia L. Brown I was born and raised in a small town in North Carolina. I'm a Bishop and Prophetess with Transformation Ministries International. I been in the ministry for over 20 years. My journey with the Lord started as earlier as a teenager. I learned how read to read by my Great-Grandmother by using the bible. She would teach me the scriptures and I had to quote them back to her, my grandmother was blind. If I would miss quote the verse she would know I was saying it wrong. She lost sight of reading due to poor conditions of her home. I thank God for having a strong faith grandmother, who in stilled a love for Jesus in me.

Bishop Sylvia L. Brown

About Us

My vision is to see people in the power of God. The blind receiving their sight, the lame walking normal, the deaf hearing for the first time, limbs growing out of empty sockets, and the dead raised. I want people to know that Jesus is real and full of power to the believers. That we can live and rest in the finished work of the Lord and our savior. One of my goals is to preach to other countries with the good news. To give people hope so they can dream again, because we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. The believer is no longer in the hand of satan. It is time for people to be free in their mind and body. I believe God is calling me to go and preach, and demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement of Faith

  • -We believe in one God: The father, the son, holy spirit, creator of all things
  • -We believe the bible is the final word of God in our lives
  • -We believe we are in right standards with God through the blood shed Jesus Chris
  • -We believe in divine healing according to Mark 16:18 the believer shall lay hands on the sick they shall recover
  • -We believe in the authority of the believer over satan through the power of Jesus Christ to the believer
  • -We believe in the Baptism of Jesus through his death, burial, resurrection in all power over the enemy
  • -We believe in Baptism of the holy spirit with the evidence speaking tongue (Acts 2:4) to every believer
  • -We believe that Jesus Christ is the rising King with all power,authority and he will return to the earth again