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Reverend Gail H. McClain








Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus, The Christ.

Reverend Gail H. McClain lives in Cleveland, N.C. where she shares the gospel with and serves the people of God at The Haven Ministry and Transformation Ministries International.

Reverend McClain received her salvation and call to ministry by God, The Father at an early age. While evangelizing she has worked in numerous areas of service including teaching adult and children’s bible study, singing in several ecumenical concert and chancel choirs, pre-marital council, wedding officiating, outreach to youth, and assisted in clothing and feeding programs at local church assemblies and multi-city locations. With passion and love for God’s word and using friendly humor combined with deep faith she serves both family and community.

Continuing to evangelize wherever she traveled she noticed a reoccurring need of the people. They wanted to just open themselves in conversation to someone about their life, both good and not so good. They wanted to inquire of God’s love and wisdom both spiritually and practically. After hosting many gatherings of friends, church participants, family, and acquaintances “The Haven” was born. The Haven Ministry, a safe peaceful place to receive God’s love and to share without worldly judgement or criticism. James 5:15-16 shows us God’s forgiveness of sins and healing through confession.

Pastor McClain was ordained an elder in the Lord’s church by the laying on of hands of Apostle Brian T. Long of Transformation Ministries International and continues to serve under the reverend’s tutelage. She is the founder and associate pastor of The Haven Ministry and received the appointment of associate pastor with TMI. She is now transitioning to serve in the office of the bishopric.

Pastor McClain has the distinct honor and privilege to journey in the paths of great mentors, motivators, and people of Godly influence. For these and others she is eternally grateful. They include:

  • -Reverend Dr. Brian T. Long, Apostle-Transformation Ministries International
  • -Bishop A. W. Slater, Tehillah Church Ministries
  • -Archbishop C. Alexander Jenkins, Greater Destiny Communion
  • -Mrs. Velma Faulcon French, Carter’s Chapel Baptist Church
  • -Ras Robinson, Fullness In Christ Ministry
  • -Reverend David Rankin, A.M.E. Zion
  • -Bishop Sandra T. Lee (posthumous)

With the help and support of many faithful brothers and sisters in Christ she excels and continues to trust God for the victory in every area of her life. Reverend McClain resides is Cleveland with her husband Ronald, a deacon in the Lord’s church. When she is not working, she likes to travel, spend time with her family and friends and listens to music.

Pastor McClain can be reached at or