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Our main purpose as a fellowship is to provide an environment in which senior pastors, apostles, bishops, ministers, churches, and ministries can be in covenant relationship and consistent fellowship; thereby providing strength, encouragement, wisdom, ideas, and resources to one another.

Ministries of TMI

The Haven Ministry (Cleveland, NC): Bishop Gail McClain

Shepherd’s Hands Ministry (Hickory, NC): Apostle Glenda McCorkle

Prophetic Hands Ministry (Statesville, NC): Bishop Sylvia Brown

Beyond the Walls (Worldwide Prisons): Apostle Brian Long

Playgirls & Playboys MC (Winston-Salem, NC): Director Minister Cheresse Davenport

• Intercessory Prayer Director, Elder Sandra Connor

• Teaching Ministry Director, Elder Roberta Gabriel

New Destiny & Deliverance Apostolic Church Int. (Louisville, KY): Apostle Latanya Faison

Transformation Ministry International (Winston-Salem,& Statesville,NC): Apostle Brian Long

Powerhouse Of Praise & Deliverance Ministry (Elizabethtown, KY): Apostle Towanda Hope


Covenant Ministries

Association Of Kingdom Ministries (Goldsboro, NC): Arch-Bishop Corey Jenkins

Priestly Praise Ministries (Bainbridge, GA): Apostle Lee Lyon


Our Leaders

Elder Roberta Gabriel: Director of Teaching Ministry
Oversee teaching ministry, which consist of making sure we meet on a monthly basis every 3rd Monday.
Also, check in with Apostle Jenkins each month to see his availability, if not ensures someone is in place.

Minister Cheresse Davenport: Director of Outreach Ministry:
Develop and coordinate community events. Report any future outreach events that TMI can participate in to the Ministry.

Bishop Gail McClain: Pastor of The Haven & Outreach Ministry
Oversees The Haven ministry and ensures outreach ministry is flowing accordingly.
Provides spiritual council and guidance to the leaders within outreach ministry.
Benevolence ministry is covered under this umbrella. Bishop of Outreach ministries.

Elder Sandra Connor: Director of Intercessory Prayer
Pray daily for TMI. Organize prayer watch and prayer call once a month.

Bishop Sylvia Brown: Pastor of Prophetic Hands Ministry
Oversees Prophetic Hands Ministry and organizes a prophetic conference once a year. Bishop of Spiritual Enrichment.

Bishop Glenda McCorkle: Pastor of Shepherd’s Hands Ministry
Oversees Shepherd’s Hands ministry
and serves as the Assistant Prelate of TMI ensuring financials are in order and oversees international affairs.

Apostle Brian T. Long: Beyond the Wall
Oversees prison ministry, visit the jails and prisons giving them Jesus Christ.
Preach and conduct bible studies for individuals incarcerated.